W. Jude Fly Rod Company

Customer Testimonials

  When it comes to custom rod building, Bill really stands out from the crowd. His imagination and awesome attention to detail are second to none. In this world of sameness, it is nice to deal with someone who offers more knowledge, more value and more credibility.....
  Bill created a fly rod that far exceeded my expectations and he has my highest recommendation.  K. Gilder Brockville Ontario Canada.
Rods owned, Affinity One 865-4 and Affinity X 865-4.
  I have used Bill's W.Jude Fly Rods for 4 years now, starting with a standard 5wt and adding a sweet 7'-9" 3wt a couple of seasons ago. This past year we added the "jewel" a lovely Affinity X 904-4 that casts as smoothly as can be. For a mediocre (at best) caster like me, it has given me added distance, confidence, and delicate presentation. Its longer length is superb for High Stick Nymphing. This CTS blank is a joy to cast. The 7'-9" 3wt is perfect for small streams and small flies but still gives distance. The 5wt medium action is a great all around rod that can also handle small to mid sized streamers.
  Good work Bill..... will be back for more.
R. King Brockville Ontario Canada.
 I love Bill Hickey's rods! I own two W. Jude rods and I believe that Bill both provides excellent value and takes pride in delivering the best product for his customers' enjoyment.
 For over 30 years I fished the for trout with one rod only, a Hardy 8' 5wt Bamboo. My fishing included an annual trek to the streams and high mountain lakes of Montana and Wyoming; occasionally I fished the streams in Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
 A few years back, I started fishing the Adirondacks, where I met Vince Wilcox at Wiley's Flies, who introduced me to Bill Hickey's rods. Using Bill's rods enhanced my technical capacity, and I became much more proficient at fishing the challenging brooks and rivers in the region. I now fish the smaller streams using a W. Jude 7'-6" 3wt rod.
 When I started fishing larger rivers in Southern Ontario for Bass, Pike and Walleye, I needed a different type of rod. Bill recommended a rod using a CTS Affinity X 7wt blank. He invested a lot of time discussing the performance of different blanks, provided hardware options and custom designed a handle that best met my needs. I have found Bill's knowledge and enthusiasm hard to match.
J. Forsyth, Toronto Ontario, Canada.