W. Jude Fly Rod Company

Listed below are some recommended pages:

www.wileysflies.com/ This is my friend Vince Wilcox's site. Vince owns and operates a Fly Shop and Guide Service in Raybrook, NY ( Adirondack Mountains). Vince has also had feature articles in Fly Tyer, Southwest Fly Fishing along with his new book Vince Wilcox's Naturally Artificial Signature Flies. Vince also stocks a few of my rods at his shop.

www.ctsfishing.com/  CTS is mentioned throughout the site, they are my primary blank supplier.

406 Fly Lines.
                         These lines are designed by Tom Broadhead in Livingston MT. Specialty Fly Lines for Fiberglass. I have been fishing several of these lines for the past year and I am impressed at how well they work on Glass as well as slower Graphite Fly Rods. Tom also owns 3 of my Glass builds, so if someone needs a reference to my work, contact him.
                       The lines are very durable and priced very reasonable.

Snake Brand Guides
                          Mike McCoy owns this supplier of the finest Snake Guides on the market today, yes the guides are expensive but well worth the cost. Low profile, Light Weight and a Rounder Opening for both the Original and Universal Models. Mike also has some pretty great Reel Seats too. 90% of my builds have his guides on them.

Struble Manufacturing
                           I buy most of my Agate Stripping Guides from Struble.

J. E. Arguello Company
                           Joe is another custom builder that also supplies some beautiful Agate Guides, if I am looking for something special, he is the guy I look up.

Custom Fly Rod Crafters
                            I do some business with Bob, buying most of my Lemke Hardware, Tubes, Rod Socks, and some other components from him. First rate service and I have have never had an issue with an order from these folks.