W. Jude Fly Rod Company
Current Graphite or Carbon Fiber Fly Rods are built on blanks made by CTS or Rod Geeks.

From Light Weight Small Stream Rods, Euro Nymphing Rods, Standard Trout Rods, to Heavy Duty Saltwater Rods, these two companies have the blanks covered.

Graphite Blank Models:

CTS (Composite Tube Systems) :
CTS Site, click here.

Affinity X:
               Fast Taper with a Fast Action. This blank is for the angler who prefers a rod that can cast tight loops and the ability to reach out there. While these blanks are fast action, they are not broomstick fast, more of a fast action with feel. I personally like this blank series for Indicator Nymphing and Dry/Dropper fishing.  The 10 to 11 Foot models make excellent Euro Style Nymph Rods. Even though these blanks are fast action they will protect light tippets. When I am going to be nymphing for most of a days fishing I usually reach for my 905-4 or 906-4, depends on water flows. The 905-4 will handle tippets down to 7x and the 906-4 will easily handle 6x. The tapers of these blanks allow for very smooth hook sets to protect light tippets.

Available in 4pc, in Line Weights from #2 to 14, Lengths from 8'-6" to 10' These blanks represent the most versatile rods in the line up.

Price: 8'-6" $600, 9' $625, 9'-6" $650, 10' $675 11' $700

Affinity MX:
                  Medium Fast Taper with a Fast Action. This blank has a bit softer taper and tip than the Affinity X. Allows for more relaxed casting stroke, but still has the reserve power for distance casting. These are smooth casting rods, a nice blend of a dry fly rod and a rod that can be used for nymphing.             

Available in 4pc, in Line Weights from #3 to 9, Lengths from 7'-6" to 10'

Price: 7'-6" $550, 8' $575, 8'-6" $600, 9' $625, 9'-6" $650, 10' $675

                 Moderate/Slow taper with a Moderate Action. These are some of the smoothest "Dry Fly" tapers that I have ever cast. Relaxed casting strokes, long fine leaders, rising trout...... Well you get the picture.
                This is the deepest flexing modern High Modulus Graphite blank on the market today, if you want a blank that will flex deeper, then onto Fiberglass!

Available in 4pc, in Line Weights from #1 to 6, Lengths from 7'-6" to 9'

Price: 7'-6" $550, 8' $575, 8'-6" $600, 9' $625

Affinity M:
                            This is a "new" series introduced last spring, with a slightly more moderate taper than the Affinity MX and a bit more tip power than the Vintage it will bridge the gap between those two series of blanks. They still have enough power for nymphing, but really excel for dry fly and dry/dropper fishing. Super smooth casting and very delicate presentations. Great all around blank.

Rod Geeks:
Rod Geeks Site, click here.

            Rod Geeks blanks are produced by Axiom North America LLC, a joint venture between St. Croix and Rapsody, Inc.
        These blanks are a great value, offering you a more cost effective custom build. These blanks are all fast action and they also can be had in a wide range of colors. Models vary from a 6'-6" 3wt all the way up to a 9' 12wt. Made from Carbon 4 High Modulus, High Strain material.
        Pricing for these builds starts at $300 for the 6'-6" and will top out at $500 for the 9' 12wt.


All prices listed above include a Cloth Rod Sock and Metal Tube. Currently I use Landmark Components as my supplier for these items.