W. Jude Fly Rod Company
Fiberglass builds are done on the following blanks: CTS , Steffen Brothers, Epic, Tom Morgan Rodsmiths, Livingston Rod Co, J Green, and Kabuto.
Fiberglass Rod Builds:

CTS Quartz Glass:
CTS Quartz Glass Site, click here.
         CTS Quartz Fiberglass Blanks are rolled using S2 Unidirectional Fiberglass. These are some of the smoothest and best casting Fiberglass blanks offered today. Their blanks are offered in lengths from 6' all the way up to 9'. Line weights from 2 to 10. They will load from 10 feet to 60 feet. These blanks also come in 2, 3 and 4 piece.

Price:  Pricing depends on several factors, length, line weight and how many pieces the rod is, and the components used.

For example: A 8' 4wt 3pc with Lemke Hardware, Agate Guide, Snake Brand running guides would cost about $550.00.

CTS Prices their blanks based on length, line weight, number of pieces and color of the blank.

For me to price a custom build, an email to me is required with a your basic idea on what you are looking for along with the components you would like.

The lowest price on a CTS build would be starting at $450.00 and topping out at $675.00.

 Steffen Brothers:
  Steffen Site, click here.
           Steffen Brothers makes some great Fiberglass Blanks. I have never cast a Steffen that I did not like.
           Pricing for a Steffen build starts around $500.

Tom Morgan Rodsmiths:
  Morgan Site, click here.
            Morgan blanks are very nice if you like a deeper flexing glass blank. Very high quality and smooth casting rods.
           Pricing starts at $800 for a Morgan.

Epic, Swift Fly Fishing Blanks:
   Epic Site, click here.
           These blanks have taken the glass world by storm, great stuff designed by Carl McNeil, rolled by CTS.
           Pricing for an Epic Build starts at $575.

Livingston Rod Company blanks:

            This is Dusty Smith's new rod company, Dusty is going to make some of his blanks available to builders, Western Glass, it appears most will be 8'-6" and 8'-9" in length. More to follow on these blanks as the information becomes available.

James Green Rod Blanks:
   J Green Site, click here
            Green blanks are another high quality blank that is available to the custom builder. Nice slow and smooth actions based on his own tapers.
             Pricing starts at $475.

Kabuto Glass Blanks:
 Kabuto Site, click here
            Kabuto blanks are made in Japan and offered to builders several times a year.
           Pricing starts at $575.

Click on the images below to enlarge and view some of my Fiberglass Fly Rod Builds.
All rod prices include a Cloth Rod Sock and Metal Tube.