W. Jude Fly Rod Company

Components Used:

                I strive to use the best rod building components available. If your paying out good money for a high quality rod, you expect to get nothing short of quality components to go into the rod. From the butt section up to the tip I will describe each component and the options available with each.

Reel Seat:

             Depending on the type of rod and the environment it is going to be used in will usually determine the style of reel seat used. On most Freshwater Trout rods I will use Batson, REC, or Joel Lemke Hardware with my own lathe turned hardwoods. I do purchase some inserts to match specific hardware. Several finishes are available on the hardware, Chrome, Nickle Silver, Black, TiC Pewter, Bright TiC.

               On a rod that will see some hash environments like salt water, I will use a Saltwater Rated Reel Seat. Typically I use REC or American Tackle Aw12 style seats.

               Customer has the choice of any these options, as well as the species of wood used for the insert. I have a decent stock of many species of wood or I know where I get my hands on it.

Cork Grip:

               I only use the best grade of cork available, I buy most of my cork rings directly from Portugal, this cork requires very little filler if any at all. Nothing worse than spending $700 on a rod and the cork is full of filler. Since I turn my own grips I can make them fit your hands and offer any style of grip you might want. I can also add in "Burl" or "Burnt" colored rings for added accent. Typical grips will be 6.5" to 7.5" long depending on the rod length.

Winding Check:

             I only use metal winding checks, they will match the rest of hardware whether it is Nickle Silver or TiC.


               Stripper Guides are light weight double foot and will also match the hardware used. Inserts on the Stripper Guide will either be TiC or SiC. Running guides will either be single foot or double foot snakes depending on customer request. I prefer single foot running guides. They add less weight to the blank due to one less thread wrap per guide. The more weight that is added to the blank will actually dampen the blank and have a negative effect on the performance of the blank.


               Thread used will be from the following manufacturers, Gudebrod, Fish Hawk, or Pro Wrap in Regular Nylon. I typically do not use Color Preserver unless a customer requests it. Color Preserver tends make Regular Nylon thread look "dull" once the wrap finish goes over it. Without Color Preserver the thread will darken but still have a sharp "Glossy" look to it. I do not recommend the use of NCP Thread, it will look like "paint" holding the guides on.

Glues and Wrap Finish:

               For bonding components to the blank I use a couple of different 2 part Epoxies. Gel Type Epoxies are used where there is a going to be a tight fit, lets say thread barrel of the reel seat to the insert. Paste type of 2 Part Epoxies are used where there is a bit more space in between the parts, like bonding the cork grip to the blank. Its like using the right tool for the right job. Each Epoxy has a specific use.

               For the thread wrap finish I use a 2 part product called Thread Master Lite. I have tried other finishes and found this product to suit my needs the best.

Click on the image below to see a larger view. Some of the components used, custom grips and inserts.