W. Jude Fly Rod Company
  Ten years ago I built my first fly rod as I was not happy with factory built rods.Rods advertised as fast action were way too fast and lacked the accuracy of fly placement, some felt as though you had a broom handle with guides on it. Rods that had a more moderate taper had way too soft of a tip. On top of that the components often used were of very low quality and the overall workmanship of the build was very poor for a rod that was listed at over $500. I figured that I could build just as good or a better rod that would match the performance the big name companies offer. Over the next few years as my skills and experience developed, I began to build a few rods for friends. Believing that there was a market for my rods, three years ago I registered my company, and began to offer a few rods to the public. I began experimenting with several brands of blanks, including "private label" as well as with the blanks offered by many of the major fly rod companies who sell their blanks to custom builders. I found that regardless of whether a blank was graphite or fiberglass, if it had received a decent review, I wanted to turn the blank into a rod and try it out. Basically I became a "fly rod junkie", learning by experience what separates a "good" blank from an exceptional one.

  Through reviews, experience and customer's feedback, I discovered that the rod blank company Composite Tube Systems ( CTS ) provided cutting edge technology. Their Graphite blanks are built using a Dual Helix Carbon Graphite make up along with varying the modulus of the graphite through out the length of the blank. Simply this results in a lighter, more sensitive and responsive blank. The same type of construction also goes into their Fiberglass blanks, only S2 Fiberglass is used.

  Today my primary choice for a fly rod blank (for both graphite and fiberglass) is CTS. CTS only supplies blanks to custom builders; I have come to believe that the performance and technology of these blanks will meet or exceed the expectations of any angler.

  Under the links to the left, are the models of rods that I offer in both Graphite and Fiberglass and a brief description of each. Combining these blanks with an endless number of accessories (reel seats, custom colors, and handles) , I can build any type of fly rod that you may need: standard Dry Fly, Euro Nymph rods, Switch rods, Full Flexing Fiberglass Fly Rods, to rods that meet your specific requirements.

  As a custom builder, I am able to provide you with a fly rod that will meet or exceed your expectations; if it doesn't, I'll buy it back!

  Every rod that leaves my shop has my name on it and is a rod that I would love to and fish myself. I take great pride in creating rods that offer classy lines as well as the superior casting performance anglers demand.

                                          Thank you for visiting my site. I hope that I can
                                          build you a rod that you find is a pleasure to fish!

                                                       Bill Hickey
                                                       W. Jude Fly Rod Company